this makes me. me.

A Long Journey. Home.

Choosing Ajax as my forever home was one of the best decisions we ever made.

My wife Minisha and I have lived in Ajax for the past 18 years, and for 12 years before that, we lived in Pickering.

Our 3 kids were all born and raised here. They all still live in Ajax, and we have several households of extended family who also call this area home.

My family came to Canada as refugees from Uganda, Africa.  

I was a third generation African, with ancestors who came to colonial Africa in the late 1800s, from what was then British India.

In 1972, the dictator Idi Amin declared a political exodus of all Indians from Uganda, effectively taking away our birthright citizenship, and rendering us stateless. 

As British Protected Subjects, England was required to accept us 'back'. However, after accepting 60,000 people within a 3 month period, England was overwhelmed and refused us entry.

We were re-routed to Spain as stateless refugees. We then spent the next 2 years trying to reunite with our family in the UK, to no avail. Finally, my parents decided to accept resettlement into the first English speaking country that would take us - Canada.

We arrived penniless in Canada, courtesy of the Red Cross.  To say that Canada has been a blessing to my family is simply an understatement. 

I have since had the priviledge of travelling to almost every continent, and experienced many countries and their culture, and I can unequivocally say that there simply is no place in the world better than Canada.

I am proud and ecstatic to call Canada my home, and my country.