Your town. my town. our issues.

Jobs. Right Here.

That means bring Business To Ajax,  that means making it easier for companies to set up their operations here. That means actually using the Priority Path actively.

Bringing Business to Ajax means easing the tax burden on residents. 

Seniors. Our Treasures.

Seniors. They are the keepers of our faith, our heritage, our memories, and they are the reason we are here. Basic needs like housing should not be an unknown.  The same applies for low-income residents, people with accessibility needs, and others.

A Safe Place. Right Here.

Ajacians should be able to live, play and work right here.

And right here is where it needs to be safe again. 

Its universally agreed that an increased police presence is necessary, lets move forward with determining what that presence should look like.

Our Waterfront. Clean. Fun.

Preserving what is unique about our Town - a beautiful waterfront. Leaving future generations with areas where families can enjoy activities, yet retain its natural beauty.  

No more algae!

Youth. The Future.

Youth.  In a fast paced society, our youth is hurtling forward, often without direction and purpose.  No wonder many are disengaged. Introducing business world mentorships is just one positive way to engage them. 

And More.

Bike Lanes. Traffic Congestion. Transit. Taxes. 

People have a lot on their minds. 

Enough with the talk, lets get some solutions.

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